Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Before You Go

When you are planning a trip to Dubai, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the bustling city of skyscrapers, amazing architecture, and the best food. With all the luxury, however, there are a few things to keep in mind before heading out there.

Tips For Your First Time In Dubai

Dubai is a city of many cultures and religions, making it a great place to explore. With a diverse population, the city has a lot to offer visitors. From luxury hotels and resorts to shopping opportunities and adventure sports, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and most luxurious casinos. The emirate is known for its sunny desert climate and warm water beaches, drawing thousands of tourists every year. Besides all that, the city also boasts of numerous recreational activities like camel riding, diving, golfing, and tour-diving-enjoying a wide range of activities in Dubai.

Distances within the city are long

Dubai is a huge city, so it can take some time to get around. The best way to travel around the city is via the metro. This efficient and clean form of public transportation will take you from one place to another at a quick pace.

Also, taxis are plentiful and affordable, so there is no need to worry about budgeting for transportation. Besides, there are several ride-sharing services available that can be used to get around the city. Water taxis also operate in and around the city, making it easy for you to travel to different parts of the city easily. It’s not difficult to travel in Dubai with the right planning and preparation.

Dubai is a Muslim country and you should dress accordingly

You should carry appropriate clothing for the climate, the type of tourist attraction being visited, and the general public atmosphere in Dubai at all times.It is best to dress conservatively when visiting Dubai. This includes a shirt with a collar, long pants, and closed-toe shoes for men and women.

Women must cover their heads in public and wear loose-fitting, conservative clothing that covers the arms and legs. Additionally, they must refrain from wearing immodest clothing, including shorts and skirts that are shorter than an ankle bone’s length or above the knee.

Men must also cover their heads in public and wear loose-fitting clothing that covers the arms and legs. Additionally, they must refrain from wearing immodest clothing such as shorts or swimwear that are shorter than a wrist’s length or longer than the ankle bone’s length.

Cabs in Dubai are reliable & affordable

Cabs are the most popular way of travel in Dubai, and for good reason. They’re reliable and affordable, a great option for those unfamiliar with the city or looking for a safe and easy way to get around.Taxis are also a great option for travelers who want the convenience of a taxi but prefer the comfort of a ride. These vehicles are available 24/7, with drivers licensed and insured to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

The best time to travel to Dubai is not summer

When it comes to traveling to Dubai, one of the best times to visit is during the winter or fall. During these seasons, the weather in the city becomes cooler and more comfortable. It is also the time when most of the cultural events and festivals are held, making a visit a great time for travelers.

In summer, the weather in Dubai can be hot and humid. This can make the city a hassle for visitors. The best time to travel to Dubai is during spring or fall, when there are fewer people traveling in the city and the temperatures aren’t too high or low. Avoid traveling to Dubai during summer if you want to avoid the crowds.

Book your tickets to Burj Khalifa in advance

If you’re interested in seeing the world’s tallest man-made structure, then you’ll want to book your tickets as soon as possible. The Burj Khalifa is currently the highest building in the world, and it is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Tickets for this iconic landmark usually sell out very quickly, so it’s important to get yours early on. You can either purchase them online or at one of the many travel agencies that specialize in booking international trips. 

The best way to avoid disappointment is to plan well in advance – once the ticket sale begins, there are limited quantities available and they won’t be resold again for a long time. So don’t wait!

Learn about the culture over lunch at Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding

To fully experience Dubai, it is essential to understand the local culture and history. A visit to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding would be a great way to learn about the emirate’s diverse cultures and history.

The centre offers a variety of courses on topics such as art and heritage, travel, and culture. Through these courses, visitors can gain a deeper insight into Dubai’s rich history and vibrant culture. Finally, anyone looking to explore the emirate should visit some of its top attractions over lunch at Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding. This way, they can connect with locals and experience all that Dubai has to offer.

Alcohol is not available everywhere

– Alcohol is not available in all restaurants and bars in Dubai.

– It is illegal to consume, sell, or import alcoholic beverages in the emirate of Dubai.

– Anyone found guilty of consuming or selling alcoholic beverages could be fined or imprisoned for up to six months.

– Visitors who wish to consume alcohol must have a valid alcohol permit from the UAE Government or a valid travel document that allows for alcohol consumption (such as a visa).

– The legal age to possess, consume, or purchase alcohol in the emirate of Dubai is 18 years old.

– Alcohol is not available at all tourist destinations in Dubai. This includes beaches, marinas, parks, museums, and zoos.

– Alcohol is not available at all hotel venues in the emirate of Dubai. This includes accommodation like hotels and resorts as well as event venues like stadiums and arenas.

– Alcohol is not available on the public transportation system in the emirate of Dubai. This includes buses and metro trains but visitors can bring their own alcohol onto these modes of transportation if they have a valid travel document that allows for alcohol consumption (such as a visa).

Frying Pan Tours is a food tour you Must Do

Frying pan Tours is a food tour company that offers a variety of tours. From culinary tours to wine tours and city walks, the variety of food tours offered by the company are highly-rated and well-known in Dubai.

All the food tours offered by Frying Pan Tours are conducted in English. This ensures a great experience for visitors no matter their language proficiency. All the food on the Frying Pan Tours is freshly prepared and sourced from local vendors. The food on the tours is healthy and satisfying, making it a perfect option for those travelling with a diet restriction.

The food tours offered by Frying Pan Tours are carefully planned and well-organized. The team at Frying Pan Tours is knowledgeable about the history and culture of Dubai, making the experience more authentic. This ensures a great time while travelling through Dubai with them.

The customer support provided by Frying Pan Tours is 24/7, ensuring that no matter the time or circumstance, you have a great time while travelling through Dubai with them.

Take a day (and night) to enjoy the desert and Do not miss the nightlife

Dubai is a place of wonder and excitement for anyone looking to experience the best of the desert. Known for its vivid sun-scapes, turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and marvellous sand dunes, Dubai is home to some of the world’s best desert landscapes. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the emirate, including camel riding, golfing, and jet skiing.

The city has a lively nightlife with a host of restaurants and bars. If you’re looking for retail therapy, head to the malls and souks where you can indulge in luxury shopping. Take a day (and night) to travel around the emirate and soak in the luxurious lifestyle on offer. F

inally, make sure to visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Peace and Culture for a glimpse into the future of Dubai. This museum holds an impressive collection of artefacts from all over the world as well as a space that showcases cutting-edge art and design. It is a great place to visit before embarking on your trip to Dubai. The emirate has so much to offer visitors – be sure not to miss out on any opportunity to visit!

Enjoy the charm of old Dubai in the souqs

If you’re a travel enthusiast, there’s no way that you can’t have heard of the word ‘Dubai’. This city is known for its cosmopolitanism and extravagance. What makes the place so unique is the blend of old and new cultures that has resulted in creating a harmonious whole. You can visit Dubai to experience the charm of old-world charm.

One of the best places to visit is the souqs. These are ancient markets where you can find a variety of traditional and luxury goods. You can walk through these vibrant markets and try different spices, fruits, and vegetables.

If you love shopping, Dubai has plenty of luxury malls like The Pearl and JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Mall. They have all the best brands at one place, so you won’t find a place better than that to spend time. Not only the malls but also the palaces and villas offer breathtaking views of the cityscape.

Dubai offers brunch dreams in 5 star hotels

Dubai is an international destination of the highest order, and there are a multitude of dining experiences to be had no matter what your budget or tastes. From Michelin-starred restaurants to hole-in-the-wall joints, Dubai has something for everyone. The luxury hotels in the emirate boast a variety of dining experiences, from fine dining at world-class eateries to beachfront cafes and street food vendors.

Old wooden boat taxi Abra is a great way to enjoy the sunset on Dubai Creek

Dubai is a place that never sleeps and there’s always something to do. If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider taking a boat taxi ride down Dubai Creek. Abra is a great way to enjoy the sunset on the creek and catch a glimpse of the city at sunset.

Besides, there are many different ways to enjoy the sun and sand in Dubai, so have fun exploring! Make sure to save some time to take a stroll through the Souk of Dubai. Visit one of the many water parks in the emirate and immerse yourself in the water or try out abseiling at sunset at one of the parks. You won’t regret it!

Opinions vary regarding whether a visit to Dubai is complete without abraing it down Dubai Creek. A boat taxi ride will give you a panoramic view of the creek and its surrounding areas, making your trip memorable as well as enjoyable. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and visit dubai creek with an Abra!

Make a day trip to Abu Dhabi

It is never a bad idea to visit Abu Dhabi for a day from Dubai. The city of Abu Dhabi has a variety of attractions, including the Yas Marina Circuit and the Palm Jumeirah. For those looking for some outdoor activities, head to the Wild Wadi Wildlife Reserve or the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

If you are looking for something more relaxing, relax in one of the city’s many gyms or spas. Finally, don’t forget to sample some of the Emirati cuisine while you’re in town.

Take a day to explore the mountains of Hatta

If you’re planning a trip to the Middle East, don’t forget to visit the mountains of Hatta in Dubai. This beautiful mountain range has an impressive view of the emirate’s coastline and the surrounding desert. It also offers a variety of hiking trails that will take you to some of the most picturesque viewpoints in the city.

If you’re looking for something more strenuous, the mountains of Hatta are home to a number of climbing routes, allowing you to experience the thrill of climbing without worrying about difficult terrain or steep climbs.

A tourist tax is added to the price of your hotel stay

Dubai imposes a Tourism Tax of 5% on the total price of your hotel stay, including room, breakfast, and other services. The tax is payable in cash at the time of check-in. A Tourism Tax refund can be claimed if you leave the country within 14 days of your arrival. If you are a foreign resident of Dubai, you are exempt from the Tourism Tax.

For more information on claiming a tourism tax refund, please contact your hotel. For more information about travelling to Dubai, please visit the Dubai Ministry of Tourism website or contact your embassy or consulate for assistance.

Alserkal Avenue is the new hip area of Dubai

If you are looking for a buzzing city center atmosphere, Alserkal Avenue is the place to visit in Dubai. Located at the heart of the emirate, Alserkal Avenue is a popular shopping and entertainment hub, offering a wide range of attractions, from the Dubai Mall to the Burj Khalifa. The area is home to some of the emirate’s most popular attractions, such as the Souk al Bahar and Shake Shack. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping venues on the street that offer great variety and value for money.

You can spend a day in Alserkal Avenue without getting bored. Make sure to visit the Souk al Bahar shopping centre, which is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai. The mall offers numerous shops and boutiques as well as a cinema hall, a food court, an outdoor mall, and more. So there’s no doubt why it’s a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

Malls have a lot more than just shops in Dubai

Dubai is a city of malls. More than 200 of them can be found in the emirate, offering a variety of shops and restaurants to visitors. Among these malls, you can find a range of popular ones such as Dubai Mall, The Green Souq, Ibn Batuta Mall, City Walk, Dubai Marina Mall, etc. Besides, there are a number of popular theme parks in the emirate that offer a variety of exciting attractions such as roller coasters and water parks.

Dubai has a number of beautiful beaches that can be explored on foot or by boat. Some of the best ones include Jumeirah Beach and the beaches at Al Ghubaiba and Dwejra. You can also visit Burj al-Arab for panoramic views of the Gulf. There are several luxury hotels in Dubai like The Ritz-Carlton and Emirates Palace that can be a great place to stay while vacationing in the emirate.

Shed your inhibitions when eating out

Dubai is a place of endless entertainment. When you travel here, don’t be shy to experiment with new food and beverages. Most of the places offer a wide variety of cuisines and drinks, so why not try something different?

If you want to eat out in a fancy restaurant, make a reservation beforehand. Also, be aware of any expensive meal deals that may not be worth your money. If you’re feeling adventurous, order a dish that is not on the menu. It will give you a chance to try something new and exciting.

In case you are traveling with a group of friends or family, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from them. Not only will they help you narrow down your choices, but they will also share their experiences and suggestions with excitement. Don’t forget to take pictures while exploring the city. These can serve as great souvenirs at home.

Check the calendar for Islamic events

If you’re a fan of Islamic holidays and are planning to visit Dubai, it’s best to check the calendar for such events. Some of the popular Islamic holidays in the UAE include Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, and Chand Raat.

These days are great time to visit the city as it offers ample opportunities for visitors to experience its cultural richness. Make sure to read about the dress code for such events before heading out. This will help you know what is permissible or not when it comes to wearing religious outfits at such events.

Besides, there are a variety of food items at Islamic feasts that are permissible for consumption. It is best to bring cash with you when you go to such events in Dubai as most of them do not accept cards as payment.


Now that you have a fair idea of what Dubai has to offer, no wonder it is experiencing a boom in tourism. A visit to the city would be an interesting experience as it offers a fusion of traditional and modern lifestyle. Before moving to Dubai, reading these reading these tips will surely help you to know the city at its best.

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