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Top 16 Bakeries in Doha, Qatar

Looking for a delicious and memorable breakfast or lunch? Then you need to check out one of the top 16 bakeries in Doha! These establishments not only offer incredible food but also offer a unique and culturally rich experience that is sure to please. With dishes like Arabic coffee pastries and rosewater-filled doughnuts, there is something for everyone on this list. 

Qatar is a country known for its luxurious lifestyle, and this is reflected in the food scene as well. From traditional shawarma and falafel to modern cupcakes and pastries, there’s a bakery for every taste and preference. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or something to take to work, we’ve got you covered with our list of top 16 bakeries in Doha. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing!

La Patisserie, Doha

La Patisserie is a bakery located in Doha, Qatar that has gained popularity for its unique French-style cakes and pastries. The bakery offers both sweet and savory items, as well as several specialty cakes for religious celebrations. La Patisserie also serves coffee and tea, alongside some delicious éclairs and tarts.

If you’re looking for a delicious treat to take home with you, or want to enjoy some good old fashioned pastry goodness while shopping in Doha, then La Patisserie is the place to go!

The bakery has a wide variety of menu items, including croissants, éclairs, schnapps cake, Bavarian cream cake, and much more. La Patisserie also offers a wide range of flavors for their cakes and pastries – from classic custard to exotic fruits like mangoes and tangerines.

The bakery is open daily from 7am to 10pm, so there’s always something fresh and delicious waiting for you at La Patisserie. Stop by today!

Napoli Bakeries

Napoli Bakies is a bakery that has quickly become one of the most popular in Doha. It offers an extensive menu, designed to please every palate. From sweet and savory pastries to decadent cupcakes and rich chocolate cake, Napoli Bakeries has something for everyone.

The bakery’s reputation for quality is well deserved. The ingredients used in its products are of the highest caliber, and all of them are baked with love. Plus, the team at Napoli Bakeries takes great care in preparing each item meticulously so that it tastes delicious and meets your exact specifications.

If you’re looking for a bakery that will give your taste buds a true treat, then look no further than Napoli Bakeries!

It is one of the best bakeries in Doha. They offer a wide variety of delicious Italian pastries, cakes, and breads. The bakery has an excellent selection of coffee drinks as well.

If you’re looking for a delicious treat or need something to take with you on your trip, Napoli Bakery is definitely worth checking out.

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is a bakery in Doha that offers an amazing variety of breads, pastries, and desserts. Not only are their products delicious, but they also have some really unique flavors that we haven’t seen anywhere else. From lavender honey almond croissants to strawberry pistachio loaves, there’s something for everyone at Magnolia Bakery. Plus, the prices are very reasonable – you won’t be disappointed by what you order!

Magnolia Bakery is a must-try bakery in Doha. It has an elegant and sophisticated feel to it, with delicious desserts and pastries that will leave you wanting more. From chocolate croissant to sugar cookies, Magnolia Bakery has something for everyone.

Plus, the staff are super friendly and welcoming, so you won’t have any problems getting what you need no matter how busy the bakery may be.

If you’re looking for a charming bakery that offers impeccable baking quality at extremely reasonable prices, then definitely head over to Magnolia Bakery!

Batteel Bakery And Cafe

Batteel Bakery and Cafe is a bakery that has been satisfying the cravings of customers in Doha for over 10 years now. What started out as just a small café, has turned into one of the best bakeries in Qatar today.

Why are people so drawn to this place?

There are several reasons why Batteel Bakery and Café enjoys such a large following among its customers. First off, it’s one of the few places where you can get excellent coffee and  delicious pastries (plus croissants!). Secondly, the staff is friendly and welcoming, no matter what time of day or how busy it gets. And finally, everything at Batteel Bakery and Cafe is made from scratch – including all the desserts! This means that every single item on their menu tastes fresh and unique.

If you’re looking for some delicious sweets or coffee in Doha, be sure to check out Batteel Bakery and Café!

Botteel Bakery and Cafe is a top bakery in Doha, Qatar. The bakery offers a wide variety of baked goods such as cakes, pastries, pies, tarts, quiches etc. All of the food is made with fresh ingredients and delivered straight to your door.

Paul Bakery And Restaurant

Paul Bakery and Restaurant is the best bakery in Doha! Not only do they have delicious pastries and desserts, but their sandwiches are also mouthwatering. They make sure that every dish they serve is made with fresh ingredients, which makes them a favorite choice for diners looking for quality food.

Plus, their friendly staff is always on hand to help you find what you’re looking for. So whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich or something sweet, Paul Bakery will definitely be worth your visit.

If you’re looking for a scrumptious bakery that will leave your taste buds tantalized and wanting more, then look no further than Paul Bakery And Restaurant. 

Paul Bakery is known for its creative pastries – whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, there’s bound to be something perfect on the menu. Plus, if you need some catering services delivered to your office or home, this bakery is definitely someone you should consider hiring.

Not only does Paul Bakery serve up mouth-watering food options, but its service is also impeccable. The staff are friendly and welcoming all year round – making it easy to spend a relaxing afternoon browsing the menus or chatting with friends while indulging in a yummy pastry. So what are you waiting for? Come check out Paul Bakery And Restaurant today!

Gourmet House

There are a lot of great bakeries in Doha, but Gourmet House is definitely one of the best. They have an amazing selection of breads and pastries, as well as unique flavoring options for your treats. Plus, their coffee is top-notch! If you’re looking for some delicious baked goods that will spoil your taste buds, then Gourmet House should be at the top of your list.

This well-known establishment offers baked goods of all types and flavors, as well as delicious pastries and desserts. Plus, they have a wide selection of coffee drinks to choose from too.

Their breads are particularly popular – especially their garlic bread! It’s perfect for any type of meal or snack, and it tastes amazing. And if garlic isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of other variations available too.

Visiting Gourmet House won’t be disappointing – it’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Bread and Bagels

Bread and Bagels Bakery is a delicious bakery in Doha that offers a wide variety of breads, bagels, and other pastries. Their baked goods are made from quality ingredients and they use only the finest methods to create their products.

Their menu includes everything from sandwiches to desserts, so there is something for everyone at this delightful bakery. Plus, their prices are absolutely reasonable – making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable bakery in Doha, look no further than Bread and Bagels Bakery!

The bakery’s Bread & Bagels menu features traditional favorites like cinnamon raisin bread, blueberry muffin bread, poppyseed bagel with cream cheese frosting, apple streusel tart with caramel icing, as well as more creative items like bacon wrapped dates stuffed into croissant doughnuts or hazelnutella chocolate croissants with salted caramel glaze.

What makes Bread & Bagels Bakery stand out from other bakeries is its dedication to freshness. All ingredients are handpicked daily and prepared on site using only the finest quality ingredients. In addition to serving delicious baked goods, Bread & Bagels also offers sandwiches made from housemade meats, cheeses, vegetables, condiments (salt/pepper), buns/croissants etc., salads , juices& smoothies .

Delhi Bakery, Al Jadeeda

Delhi Bakery has been making aromatic and mouth-watering breads, pastries and cakes in Doha for more than 12 years. The bakery offers a wide range of traditional Indian breads, such as naan (flatbread), roti (wheat dough chapati), paratha (flaky pastry), khichdi (a dish made from rice and lentils) as well as numerous types of cookies, cakes, pies and tarts.

The bakery also specializes in Muslim specialties like biryani rice dishes prepared with sautéed chicken or lamb, shrimp or fish curry sauces on basmati rice. All the food is freshly made using all natural ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. Delhi Bakery’s award-winning desserts include tiramisu, cream puffs stuffed with flavored custard filling and lots more to tantalize your taste buds!

It really doesn’t matter what time of day it is – you’re always sure to find something delicious at Delhi Bakery! So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!

Delhi Bakery is a renowned bakery in Doha that serves up some of the tastiest desserts and breads in the city. With an extensive menu, Delhi Bakery has something for everyone.

Among its many popular offerings are carrot cake, apple pie, berry tart, and several types of breads (including whole wheat loaves and croissants). Delhi Bakery also offers savory dishes such as sandwiches and quiches.

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Coral All Day Dining

Coral All Day Dining is a bakery in Doha that offers an amazing variety of baked goods and coffee. The shop has a daily menu, which changes based on the ingredients availability.

The best part about Coral All Day Dining? Its affordable prices! You can enjoy quality food without breaking the bank. Plus, their cakes are delicious and irresistible. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Coral All Day Dining today!

Coral All Day Dining offers an extensive variety of delicious food options. From coffee and pastries to sandwiches and salads, there is something for everyone at Coral All Day Dining.

What makes Coral All Day Dining so unique is its commitment to sustainable practices. The bakery uses organic ingredients whenever possible, and all packaging materials are biodegradable or recyclable. Plus, the restaurant strives to operate using minimal energy consumption throughout the day.

So why spend your morning hours eating out when you can put those calories towards some good old-fashioned exercise instead? By walking or biking to Coral All Day dining, you’re doing your body and environment a favor!

Torch Tea Garden

Torch Tea Garden is the best bakery in Doha, and it’s easy to see why. The cafe specializes in healthy tea-based treats, such as pastries, sandwiches, and light breakfast items. Everything on the menu is made with natural ingredients and all of the food is gluten free.

The bakery also has a wide selection of teas, including several varieties of green tea. If you’re looking for something specific (like tiramisu or raspberry tart), they’ll be able to make it for you on spot.

Whether you’re stopping by for a quick snack or taking advantage of their extensive lunch menu, Torch Tea Garden will have something great for you!

Torch Tea Garden is a legendary bakery in Doha that has been making delicious cakes, pastries, and breads for over 30 years. Offering an impressive variety of mouth-watering selections, the bakery is known for its award-winning sweets and savory paninis.

If you’re looking for a delicious treat or some fresh bread to take home, Torch Tea Garden is the perfect place to go. In addition to its stellar selection of desserts and sandwiches, the bakery also sells tea (of course!). So if you’re in the area and want something special to eat or drink, be sure to check out Torch Tea Garden!

La Cigale Traiteur

La Cigale Traiteur is a popular bakery in Doha that offers a wide variety of delicious pastries and breads. They also have an extensive menu full of delicious desserts!

This quaint little shop is known for its delicious pastries and savory dishes, both of which are sure to please any palate. From croissants to quiches, baguettes to tart tarts, there’s something for everyone at this bakery. Plus, if you happen to be feeling particularly naughty (or nice), don’t forget about their delectable desserts!


There are a lot of great bakeries in Doha, but if you’re looking for the best biscotti in town, then you need to check out Biscotti. This bakery is known for its impressive selection of delicious biscotti and other pastries, as well as its amazing coffee drinks. Plus, it’s always open so you can go there anytime that you want!

This bakery offers different flavors each day (including our popular seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice!), as well as gluten-free options. So whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, our bakers will have you covered!

The Mandarin Cake Shop

The Mandarin Cake Shop is the best bakery in Doha. It’s been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike since it opened its doors three years ago.

The Mandarin Cake Shop offers an extensive range of traditional Chinese desserts, as well as some unique options not found at many other bakeries in Qatar. The team has years of experience baking delicious cakes and pastries, and they use only the highest quality ingredients to make sure every cake or pastry tastes amazing.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet to take home with you or just want to enjoy a slice or two while shopping in nearby malls, the Mandarin Cake Shop is definitely worth checking out!

The Mandarin Cake Shop is the best bakery in Doha, and it doesn’t matter what your taste preferences are – you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. The bakery specializes in traditional Asian baking methods, such as braiding bread dough and making danishes, which give their cakes an unparalleled depth of flavor. Plus, they always have a variety of delicious pastries on sale, so there’s never any reason not to stop by!

Flamingo Coffee Bar And Bakery

If you’re looking for the best bakery in Doha, look no further than Flamingo Coffee Bar and Bakery. They offer a wide variety of delicious breads, pastries, and cakes that will leave your mouth watering. Plus, their coffee is top-notch. You won’t be disappointed!

The coffee and pastries are delicious, and the staff is always willing to help. They have a variety of cakes and cookies that will suit anyone’s taste, as well as salads, sandwiches, smoothies, fruit bowls… you name it!

The Lounge – Intercontinental Doha

Are you looking for a place to relax and have some delicious pastries? The Lounge may be the perfect spot for you!

This charming lounge has been offering its comfortable setting, delicious cakes and desserts, as well as cold drinks to guests since 2014. It is owned by the internationally renowned Intercontinental Doha hotel chain, which guarantees that all of its products are of the highest quality.

The Lounge serves up mouth-watering selection of pastries such as éclairs, croissants, pains au chocolat (chocolate almond paste cookies), macarons (macaroons made with almonds instead of sugar), cupcakes and more. There’s also a range of sandwiches and salads on offer if you need something lighter.

If dining in isn’t your thing then The Lounge also offers pre-packaged treats that can be sent straight to your room! So whether you’re looking for an afternoon snack or an evening dessert fix, The Lounge has everything you need and more.

The Seasons Restaurant

The Seasons Restaurant is a popular bakery in Doha that offers delicious and healthy foods. They offer a variety of breads, pastries, salads, and desserts that are perfect for any meal.

The Seasons also has an impressive selection of hot drinks options, including tea, coffee, juice boxes, smoothies and more. All of their food is made with high-quality ingredients to give you the best possible experience.

If you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious lunch or dinner option in Doha, The Seasons should be at the top of your list!

The Seasons Restaurant is a popular choice for those looking for the best bakery in Doha. The restaurant has an extensive menu that includes pastries, sandwiches, and salads. But what makes the Seasons Bakery stand out from the rest? They have an amazing selection of cakes and pastries. You will be able to find everything from cupcakes to wedding cakes to cookies and cream pies!

The service is superb. Your waitstaff will go above and beyond to make sure your meal is perfect! The prices are very reasonable compared to other bakeries in town. Plus, there’s always something special on offer (like discounts during busy seasons).

Overall, the Season’s Bakery offers high quality food at affordable prices – making it a great choice for anyone looking for exceptional baked goods!

Qatar's Top Restaurants
Qatar’s Top Restaurants

Final Words

From the bakeries we have listed above, you can see that Qatar has some of the best bakeries in town. Whether it is for traditional or specialty items like cakes and desserts, these cafes serve up delicacies that are so good you’ll be making your way there again and again for a treat. So make sure to check out their menus before heading out to try their yummy delights!

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